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“I had the good fortune to be treated by Tom several times at Montclair Physical Therapy. In every case, he was skilled, patient and kind. I worked with him for a prolonged period of rehab after knee surgery in 2007, and he showed himself to be a talented and inspirational therapist who kept me going for weeks and weeks, from being nearly unable to walk to being well enough to commute via bus to New York City and return to work full time. His kind manner and gentle approach were especially helpful when it came to relearning activities that were suddenly painful and frightening for me. And he helped to diagnose an underlying and dangerous condition so that I was able to be treated for it. He inspires patients to push themselves and encourages them to see and believe in their progress. I feel very lucky to have worked with Tom in rehabilitation and I am very pleased with the results.”

Arlene S.
“A decade ago, I had spinal fusion surgery for scoliosis and had 12 vertebrae fused. As a result of the surgery, I have tried physical therapy numerous times over the years to assist with mobility and pain management. Each therapist I worked with in the past had a hard time setting up a program for me. They had never dealt with someone who had such an extensive fusion and limited mobility. That all changed when I met Tom. He looked at my case as a challenge. Where others had given up in the past or had me doing exercises that had nothing to do with mobility, Tom instead read books and took classes to find ways to help. He set up a program where I use pilates to strengthen my core muscles. Tom's sessions have enabled me to support my upper body and relieve pressure on my pelvic area and legs. Because of his assistance, I have less pain and feel more confident participating in my favorite sports like skiing.”

Rosemarie Casey Hayward
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